10 Best Cooking Schools in Sydney in 2024

Here is a ranking of the 10 best cooking schools in Sydney in 2024.

Thinking of turning up the heat in the kitchen? Sydney sizzles with amazing cooking schools, but with so many options, where do you start? Fear not, fellow foodies! In this page we rates the Sydney top 10 cooking schools based on awesomeness for 2024.

Top 10 Cooking Classes in Sydney

RankCooking School
1Sydney Seafood School
2VIVE Cooking School
4Sydney Cooking School
5The Coastal Italian
7Vincenzo’s Plate
8Cucina Italiana Cooking School
9Le Cordon Bleu Australia (Sydney)
10Cornersmith Cooking School

1. Sydney Seafood School

The Sydney Seafood School is a popular choice for cooking classes for several reasons. The school offers a wide range of classes for all skill levels, conducted by experienced chefs, including exclusive classes and demos with world-renowned chefs. The class sizes are well-managed, and the team is known for being helpful and supportive.

Additionally, the school provides a variety of cooking experiences, allowing participants to be hands-on or to sit back and relax with a beverage, catering to different culinary preferences. The opportunity to learn from world-class chefs and the diverse range of classes make the Sydney Seafood School an attractive option for those interested in enhancing their cooking skills.

2. VIVE Cooking School

VIVE Cooking School in Sydney is a popular choice for cooking classes due to its passionate team, engaging culinary experiences, and hands-on approach to learning. The school’s emphasis on igniting people’s passion for good food, using the freshest ingredients, and high-end equipment, as well as learning from real chefs in state-of-the-art kitchens, makes it an attractive option for food enthusiasts and those looking to improve their cooking skills.

3. VictorsFood

VictorsFood cooking classes are highly regarded for their team building and corporate events. They offer a variety of cooking experiences, including team building activities, cooking parties, and group cooking classes. The classes are designed to be fun, interactive, and accessible, helping employees work together as a team.

VictorsFood has been recognized as one of the top cooking schools in Sydney and Australia, with a focus on creating memorable and engaging experiences for participants. The classes are led by experienced Chef Presenters who are skilled in both cooking and team facilitation, making them effective for bonding, increasing productivity, and fostering creativity. The company also offers a “Satisfaction Guarantee or get your money back” offer, emphasizing the confidence they have in their events and activities.

4. Sydney Cooking School

The Sydney Cooking School offers a variety of cooking classes suitable for all ability levels. Here are some reasons why it might be considered one of the best for you to join:

Expert Tuition: The school provides expert tuition from professional chefs, allowing you to learn new recipes and improve your cooking skills.

Small Class Sizes: Classes are kept small to allow for personal attention, and most are interactive, giving everyone the chance to participate and practice techniques.

Diverse Range of Classes: The school offers over 30 different cooking classes, including international cuisines, BBQ classes, dessert classes, and specific skills, catering to the interests of various individuals

Positive Reviews: The school has received positive reviews from participants, emphasizing the well-organized and hands-on nature of the classes.

Fun and Social: Attending a cooking class can be a fun way to meet new people, make the perfect gift, or enjoy a unique date night.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, the Sydney Cooking School provides a supportive and engaging environment for learning and enjoying the art of cooking.

5. The Coastal Italian

The Coastal Italian cooking classes in Sydney are highly recommended for several reasons. The classes offer a fun and relaxed environment where participants can learn to create authentic Italian food, just like they would find in a trattoria along the Italian riviera.

The hands-on workshops and team building events provide an opportunity to bond with co-workers, friends, or family while creating beautiful, fresh food together. The experience is led by an instructor with almost two decades of experience working in restaurants, ensuring that participants receive high-quality culinary training.

6. Evolution

Cooking classes can be an enriching experience for anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen or aspires to become a chef. Evolution cooking classes offer a diverse range of short-term workshops that cater to specific culinary interests, such as pastry workshops and BBQ masterclasses.

These classes can help hone your skills, teach you new techniques, and elevate your dishes to restaurant-quality. Cooking classes also delve into the cultural and historical aspects of cuisine, which can be a fascinating journey as you explore the flavors and traditions of different regions. Understanding the ingredients and techniques used in cooking can empower you to make healthier food choices and control the ingredients, portion sizes, and cooking methods.

7. Vincenzo’s Plate

Vincenzo’s Plate cooking classes are highly regarded for several reasons. Vincenzo’s Plate is a YouTube cooking channel focused on teaching Italian food, emphasizing that one doesn’t need to be a professional chef to impress with mouth-watering Italian recipes.

The classes are hosted by Vincenzo and his Italian family, providing an authentic and intimate learning experience. The channel has a large following and offers a wide range of free cooking videos, making it accessible to anyone interested in learning to cook Italian cuisine. Additionally, the classes are known for being fun and entertaining, as Vincenzo infuses his videos with humor and passion for Italian cooking.

8. Cucina Italiana Cooking School

You might consider joining the Cucina Italiana Cooking School for a variety of reasons. The school offers hands-on cooking classes with professional chefs, where participants cook together and then enjoy the dishes prepared, accompanied by a glass of wine.

The classes cover a wide range of Italian dishes, including pasta, risotto, fish, meat, soups, pizza, focaccia, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.
The school’s emphasis on easy techniques, short cooking times, and the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients can make the cooking experience enjoyable and educational. Whether you are interested in learning traditional Italian cooking, exploring Italian cuisine and culture, or simply having a fun and immersive culinary experience, the Cucina Italiana Cooking School seems to offer a rich and diverse set of courses and activities to meet your interests and needs.

9. Le Cordon Bleu Australia (Sydney)

Le Cordon Bleu Australia in Sydney offers a world-class culinary arts education and hospitality management degree.

By joining their cooking classes, you will have the opportunity to learn the art of French cooking techniques that Le Cordon Bleu is known for. The school offers vocational, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs specializing in culinary arts, international hotel management, and more.

10. Cornersmith Cooking School

Cornersmith Cooking School offers a variety of classes that inspire both new and experienced cooks. The school’s hands-on and relaxed workshops cover a range of traditional cooking techniques, including pickling, preserving, fermenting, and cheese, pastry, and bread making, using locally sourced produce.

The classes aim to empower home cooks to make less wasteful and more delicious meals every day. Whether you are interested in learning how to pickle, ferment, make dumplings, salads, or tofu, Cornersmith Cooking School provides the opportunity to gain confidence and become an instinctive cook.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to unleash your inner chef! Remember, the best school is the one that fuels your passion for food and brings joy to your culinary journey.

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